Colorado Springs Eye Clinic

Where Your Vision is Our Passion.

Colorado Springs Eye Clinic

Where your vision is our passion.

Colorado Springs Eye Clinic provides primary eye care for all conditions of the eye and surrounding structures, both routine and urgent.

We offer routine ophthalmic evaluations which screen and treat a wide range of ophthalmic conditions including cataracts, ocular surface disorders, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.

Diagnostic services include evaluation of visual acuity, refraction, slit lamp evaluation, ophthalmoscopy, tonometry, gonioscopy and corneal topography. Typical treatments include prescription medications and/or optical correction (glasses prescription), however, occasional surgical intervention for cataracts and laser treatments are offered as part of a comprehensive visit.

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  • Barb D.
    Very pleased with Dr Mortland's thoroughness and care of my husband, in evaluating for cataracts, eyelid droop, and overall exam. Desk staff was professional and friendly enough.
  • John R.
    Dr Mortland has served our country as an Air Force medical officer. Professional yet personable, she is a fine addition to Dr Dewey’s staff. I am so thankful for having been referred to these doctors. With the operations and medication,... read more
  • Pat P.
    Very caring, knowledgeable staff and doctors. My cataracts surgery performed by Dr Miller went extremely well. Their surgery suite is top of the line. Would highly recommend.
  • Cade S.
    The staff at Eye Associates are just wonderful. I have been a patient for about three years now. Dr. Marshall is my primary provider. She has helped my dry eye immensely in that period.
  • Richard M.
    Top-Shelf medical operation. Professional. Personable. Helpful. I met no one who was not an excellent representative of the clinic. Dr Mortland was moderately awesome as was also Med Tech Jenny Gaines. Highly recommended medical establishment for your eye care needs. ~RM
  • JC R.
    I am very grateful to have been referred to Dr Dewey. He not only saved what vision I had left, but improved it. I can now legally drive without correction in one eye, amazing!
  • Jeanette M.
    Dr Mortland is fantastic!
  • Boris
    I came without appointment with eye problem at the end of the day and got immediate help. THANK YOU ALL!!!
  • Rachel A.
    Dr. Dewey and his Staff are excellent. No pain, quick recovery, good information.on my cataract surgery.
  • Cutshavers m.
    Professional and caring. Procedure was explained in detail, there was little to no discomfort, and the procedure was a success.
  • Beth P.
    Dr. Dewey is the best and his staff is the best and the friendliest .Lewis price
  • John W.
    I had cataract surgery by Dr. Dewey, monovision + femtosecond LACS for astigmatism, with second eye (right, distance) completed last week. Left eye set at reading, two weeks earlier. I can see better than I have ever been able... read more
  • Maria W.
    Great facility. professional staff
  • Harry K.
    Dr. Mortland did a terrific job in examining and diagnosing my eye problems! She is Definite Asset to the clinic!
  • Richard W.
    Absolutely first class! Very efficient, on time, all personnel very personable, technically adept, and informative. Well scheduled and on time. Excellent facility. Dr Dewey took extra time to carefully review procedure and answer questions. Can highly recommend both him and... read more
  • Butch T.
    Top of the line knowledge and surgeons providing best care possible!
  • Bo S.
    Was able to get in quickly for an infected eye and care was great.
  • Marcy S.
    Easy to schedule, got a appointment when I wanted it, no long waiting, Great Staff and Dr. Highly reccomend .
  • Mona C.
    I have always had an excellent experience at the Eye Clinic. Mostly I see David since I've been in contacts since we arrived in Colorado Springs in 1974. I would go no where else!
    Everyone professional! Overall good experience.
  • Rose H.
    Beautiful office. Very little waiting, however, information and instructions for completing procedure ordered were not followed through or communicated.

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